Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory assessments we use in evaluating an individual’s or organisation’s emotional intelligence key competences and behaviours could be applied before, during or after a training engagement.

It is design to identify areas for improvement (if any) in either leadership, workplace behaviour, recruitment, sales or organisational culture. We chose to collaborate with Genos International because they have spent the last decade perfecting a suite of emotional intelligence, motivation and employee engagement assessments and programs. These are widely used by Fortune 500 companies and comprise high academic credibility.
Please explore details of our most popular surveys listed below.


The EI Leader

Boost essential leadership skills, at identifying, understanding, and influencing emotion.

The Resilient Leader

Manage your emotions in healthy ways, and easily adapt to changing circumstances.

The Mindful Leader

Adopt techniques to develop greater levels of self-awareness and self-management.

The Engaging Leader

Develop awareness of others, emotional reasoning and how to positively influence others.