Assessing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership


Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance. Research has proven that a leader’s emotional intelligence is key to their capacity to facilitate emotions in others that drive high performance and employee engagement.

This is more than just a moral compass; it is a recipe for success. Organisations with emotionally intelligent leaders achieve a critical lever of sustainable competitive advantage: a high-performance culture and customer loyalty.

In high performing organisations people feel significantly more engaged, cared for, valued, proud, and motivated than those in low performing organisations.

Conversely, in low performing organisations people feel fearful, stressed, dis-engaged, dis-empowered and uncertain.

Assessing the Emotional Quotient in Leadership

At Core Purpose Ltd. we use the Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership survey - the best measure of emotional intelligence for leaders. It measures how well they demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership competencies in comparison to others. The more often they demonstrate the competencies measured, the more effective their leadership is.

The competencies of the model below illustrate the key competencies being measured (in the middle column). The productive states are listed on the right side of the model, while the unproductive (or counterproductive) states on the left.

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This individual assessment report presents how well an individual believes they demonstrate emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour, and how important they believe it is to do so.

Contains: Self-Assessment Results



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180° Feedback Report 

This report presents how well an individual demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour, how important it is to colleagues that they do so, and qualitative comments from raters.

Contains: Feedback from Direct Reports



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360° Feedback Report 

This report presents how well an individual demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour, how important it is to their manager, their direct reports, peers and others that they do so.

Contains: Self-Assessment Results and Feedback 



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Assessment Key Features

  • Simple and secure administration platform which makes it easy to set up survey groups- It takes 15 min to complete.
  • Raters can complete the survey on their phone, tablet, PC or Mac, anywhere, at any time.
  • The Assessment validates whether emotionally intelligent competencies are important for a specific person, at a specific point in time, in the performance of their work.
  • There are 42 items in the survey - 7 for each emotional intelligence competency of the model.

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